This year, Institute of Indian Elementary & Technical Education 7th year of its presence and endures with its aim of promoting the growth of the nation talents’.

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1. Visit IIETE website/Application. 2. Register with E-mail/Mobile Number. 3. Visit IIETE CET Exam Web Page. 4. Scroll down and fill the CET Enrollment form. 5. Pay the CET Exam Fee.

The platform fee for CET is 499/-.

1. Candidates can apply in 5 IIETE affiliated companies. 2. Candidates will get free resume building and Mock interview prep sessions by IIETE professionals. 3. Score Card validity for 1 Year.

The Minimum qualifying score is 60% and above for CET.

Candidates are eligible to give 6 re-attempts in a Year.

CET(Corporate Entrance Test) Exam introduced by IIETE. The mission of CET is to bring out the skilled candidates and help them with the best career opportunities. The mission also includes identifying and nurturing talent, bridging the gap between academia and industry requirements, and aiding in the recruitment process for various corporate entities by offering a standardized assessment platform.

The IIETE contests is designed as per the student’s school syllabus

Candidates will get rewards at their registered address by courier.

1. Go to the user dashboard. 2. Click on “Join Contest”. 3. Accept all the T&C before participating. 4. Pay the enrollment fee and join the contest.

1. Call on Toll-free Number:1800-203-9980. 2. Write to us on - 3. Talk to us – Live Chat Bot.

Candidates needs to submit following documents: 1. Last year Marksheet 2. School ID card. 3. Aadhar Card/Pan Card.

Result will be announced within 48-72 hours after contest completion on User Dashboard.

No, if user is disqualified then the amount will not be refundable.

Within 48 hours, the prize money will be disbursed to the winners into their wallets/registered Bank Accounts/UPI ID.

1.Take a Screen shot of Error. 2. Raise a query on chat bot/write to us on with Screen shot.

1.Take a Screen shot of Error. 2. Raise a query on chat bot/write to us on with Screen shot.

1. Go to the Dashboard. 2. Click on " Refer and Earn". 3. You can copy your referral code/you can also invite through the referral link.

Yes, Candidates can reschedule their contest but only 2 reschedules are there which needs to inform 48 hours prior to the contest date.

1. Login/Sign Up on the IIETE portal with your number/ Email ID. 2. After signing up, Click on your " Name" and it will redirect you to the User Dashboard.

Employee referrals are extremely vital to us. One of the prerequisites would be having a profile that's relevant to the job position applied to.

Our aim here at IIETE is to hire the most ideal candidates for the job positions.

Absolutely it is a very important aspect of our recruitment process.

During the initial stages our team handles the recruitment. Although, eventually we assist conversations between the candidate and the employer.

You could check your applications status through the website.

Pdf files will be highly preferred while submitting the required documents.

We as a company strongly believe in the idea of inclusivity and diversity since it promotes a more positive work culture.

No, our company aims at hiring capable talents and hence the right candidate will be hired.

The exact timeline cannot be provided although we will aim at providing results as soon as possible but it varies according to the different needs of the clients.

Our company aims at providing the best, so there's no one software that we use. We use different tools such as AI-driven candidate matching and data-driven insights to find the perfect match.

Reach out to us directly by filling out our 'Contact Form' - Simply click the LINK below! “Link or contact form”

Yes, we offer flexibility in our service models to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you prefer an end-to-end service model or specific services tailored to your requirements, we adapt to suit your preferences.

Through our clear and concise reports and MIS PF scheme, we provide businesses with valuable insights to make informed strategic decisions regarding payroll management and employee benefits.

Our efficient team ensures seamless data migration and setup processes, whether it's manual or from another system. We prioritize accuracy and simplicity to make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients.

We generate clear and concise payslips to ensure transparency and understanding for employees. Additionally, our taxation assistance, including Form 16 service, helps employees comprehend their tax deductions and obligations with ease.

Unlike manual or internal payroll management, IIETE employs advanced software technologies and a dedicated team to ensure accuracy and consistency in payroll processing. We strive to deliver error-free results without any breaks or delays.

IIETE is committed to delivering reliable, accurate, and cost-effective payroll services. With our team of specialists well-versed in tax and legal formalities, you can trust us to handle your payroll with precision and efficiency. Additionally, outsourcing your payroll to us can help you save time, reduce internal frauds, and benefit from our flexible service models.

Absolutely! We understand that every business is unique, and therefore, we offer customfit solutions to meet the specific payroll needs of our clients. Whether you're a small, medium, or large enterprise, we tailor our services to suit your requirements.

Communication is key to our success. We maintain transparency throughout the payroll process and handle any queries from clients and employees with utmost importance and urgency. Our dedicated team ensures timely resolution of all queries.

We prioritise our client's satisfaction and safety by employing state-of-the-art technology to prevent any data breaches. Our systems are designed to ensure the utmost security and confidentiality of your sensitive information.

At IIETE, we offer comprehensive payroll management services including monthly payroll processing, payslip generation, employee salary taxation, Form 16 assistance, data migration, statutory reports and submissions, employee and company financial set-up, and end-to-end customer support.

Yes, IIETE offers an Employee Self-Service portal where employees can access their payroll information and benefits from anywhere. Our portal allows employees to view payslips, manage leaves, and perform various tasks conveniently.

IIETE provides processing services with a hosted platform for efficient data management, along with managed services offering online payroll solutions and software for businesses of all sizes. Our cloud payroll solutions integrate with time and attendance tracking, calculate deductions accurately, and provide expert support for compliance.

IIETE's payroll services free up your time for strategic business initiatives while ensuring accurate and compliant payroll management. With our expertise, you can focus on business growth, employee development, and engagement, knowing your payroll is in safe hands. Additionally, we prioritize data protection, adding an extra layer of governance to safeguard your employee data.

Businesses struggling with in-house payroll management or seeking to avoid the costs and complexities of maintaining an internal payroll department can benefit from IIETE's outsourced payroll services. Our solutions eliminate manual errors, save costs, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Opting for IIETE's payroll managed services means entrusting all payroll processes to us. This allows your HR, finance, and admin teams to focus on core tasks while we handle payroll accurately, timely, and compliantly.

IIETE provides comprehensive payroll services, including calculating employees' pay, deducting EPF contributions, and managing third-party payments. Our goal is to streamline your payroll processes while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Payroll encompasses tasks such as paying employees, calculating taxes and deductions, and ensuring compliance with legal obligations. At IIETE, our payroll services handle these tasks efficiently, whether you choose