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How We Help Our Partners

What Can We Offer?

In today's fast-paced business world, pay-rolling is a crucial aspect of the company's smooth progress. Outsourcing payroll services has become one way to reduce the company's time and strain it takes and this in return ensures that we as third-party service providers step in and ensure the best delivery of our payroll service.

At IIETE, we understand that payroll is more than just mere numbers, it's about reliability and trust. We ensure that our payroll services help you focus on improving your business while we ensure that your employees are satisfied with their payroll processing.

We provide services to small, medium, and large firms and companies to handle your pay-rolling process. We aim to make you feel less worried about pay-rolling and deliver accuracy to you.

IIETE offers payroll services that are not only reliable and accurate but also fit easily in the pocket. We learn about your needs and give custom-fit solutions to your company's payroll needs.

Our Partners

Our Services

Data Security and Confidentiality - To us our client's satisfaction and safety are of utmost importance and hence we ensure state-of-the-art technology to avoid any sort of data breach.

Client and employee query management - Communication is said to be the key to success. We here at IIETE are very transparent with our clients in the payroll process. Any queries will be handled with utmost importance and urgency.

Payslip generation - It's extremely important for the employees to understand their payslip breakdowns and other benefits. We generate payslips with clarity such that there is no fear or doubt in the minds of the employees.

Monthly payroll processing - Processing payroll monthly seamlessly so that all reimbursements are in order is our priority.

Employee salary taxation and Form 16 - Taxation and other such formalities can be tedious and stressful for employees, our system ensures that this process happens hassle-free and through our Form 16 service employees can understand the summary of their tax deductions and taxes.

End to End customer support - Our team is extremely helpful to any queries and helps the client's needs from the start till the end. Throughout the payroll process, we will support you.

Statutory reports and submissions - Being on the right side of the law is important to us. We promise to make timely statutory reports regarding PFs and other such submissions.

Data Migration - Data shift be it manual or from one system to ours, our team of efficient members will ensure that the whole process is extremely easy and accurate data is entered with us.

Reports and MIS PF Scheme - Through our clear and concise report we help businesses make strategic decisions.

Employee and company financial set-up - We tailor to the needs of the company by setting up employee and company financial setup details seamlessly.

Why Choose IIETE For Your Pay-Roll?

It's extremely important for the employees to understand their payslip breakdowns and other benefits. We generate payslips with clarity such that there is no fear or doubt in the minds of the employees.

We have a team of specialists who are familiar with tax and other legal formalities.

Through outsourcing your payroll service to us, you will have the benefit of increasing or decreasing your human resources without having to go through many internal adjustments.

We take the terms reliability and trust seriously, rest assured your data is safe with our payroll service.

Outsourcing your pay-rolling service to us can be a cost-efficient tactic for our clients. Since we already use software technologies that will develop the business with our help your company doesn't have to invest in these products and expertise.

Reduction in internal frauds, we provide transparent services to our clients.

We are extremely consistent with our work and ensure that there's no break or error, unlike manual or internal pay-rolling.

We are flexible with the services we provide, our clients can choose whether to opt for an end-to-end service model or something more specific to their needs.

Uncover The Value Behind Our Services

  • We provide innovative solutions to our ever-evolving business clients.
  • We aim to provide customised solutions according to every individual's needs.
  • We have a team of experts all focused on making payroll an easy and smooth experience for you.
  • We are reliable since we ensure your data is not breached or violated.
  • Our clients' needs come first and hence we opt for a client-centric approach with our services.
  • With our transparent communication, you'll barely have any issues with trusting our company.
  • Problem-solving is an important aspect of pay-rolling services and we understand this we aim to solve our client's problems and issues quickly and without any hassle.
  • Let's help you reduce your administrative load by managing your pay-rolling service.

Your pay-rolling woes end with us. We understand our client's expectations and aim at fulfilling those expectations. We not only provide reliable services but also ensure it is

cost efficient and smooth for our clients. To us, being a part of your company's journey and becoming your ally in pay-rolling is something we are looking forward to!

Our purpose is to help you embark on your business journey without any hassle and untroubled. Your success is our priority, choose reliability, choose efficiency, choose IIETE—partner with us for payroll management.

We operate pan India


Truly impressed with the services i received at IIETE



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With IIETE’s payroll personalised solutions I find it easier to access my payroll details



Project Manager

My experience with IIETE has been extremely satisfactory. They are quick to respond and find



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